Core Calcium & Shell Products


Coastal Brand Poultry Shell is a feed grade calcium carbonate for layers, breeders, turkeys, chicks, swine and cattle. Coastal Brand Shell is an excellent source of Calcium and stays in suspension throughout the feed line making calcium available to all birds. This very high and consistent form of calcium is available to the bird many hours after feeding to help protect the medullary bone and provide stronger bones.


Typical Specification

Expressed as Calcium (CA)                         39.00%
Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3)                       98.00%
Expressed as Calcium Oxide (CaO)             54.32%
Magnesium- less than                                 1.00%


Poultry                             ¼ x 20 Mesh
Meal (Granular)                20 x 100 Mesh
Flour                                32 x 200 Mesh


Coastal Brand Poultry Shell is available in bulk carload and truckload, barges, 50-lb multiwalled bags and 2000-lb bulk sacks, palletized and stretch wrapped for shipping.


Store in dry, secure area to prevent contamination and caking.