Core Calcium and Shell offers superior service, and products to match. With vast industry experience and a product unlike its competitors, Coastal Brand Poultry Shell is a natural choice for the poultry feed industry. Operating out of Theodore Alabama, Core offers a product with a unique solubility unlike many stone aggregates.

Coastal Brand Poultry Shell has been providing the Poultry industry for over 10 years with a shell product that has been the desired calcium for over 100 years. Ronnie McDonough, General Manager of Core Calcium and Shell, has over 25 years of industry experience. Many of those years were spent as General Manager of Oyster Shell Products Company, producing the Pilot Brand Oyster Shell. With Core Calcium and Shell Products, we have duplicated the distinct and winning formula of production and quality of the Pilot Brand product.

We are dedicated to providing our customers more profits from less breakage. Egg producing poultry need calcium, not only for growth and bone development, but more specifically for egg shell formations. Core Calcium and Shell remains faithful to its customers and grounded in the belief of delivering dependable products and quality service. Our product, Coastal Brand Poultry Shell provides the source of soluble calcium, essential for strong bones and shells.

Core Calcium and Shell brings to you a high purity, feed grade Calcium Carbonate processed from Coral Calcium and Oyster Shell high in calcium and low in magnesium, known as Coastal Brand Poultry Shell. Coastal Brand Shell is an excellent source of calcium recommended for inclusion in feed rations for optimum eggshell quality.